Woven wire fencing is the best alternative for board fencing.  The latter is too expensive, and despite the fact that it is the more traditional type of fencing, it is usually out of our budget and so I have searched for other alternatives that may also be effective.  Woven wire can act like boards and can keep the horses in their proper places.  The fact that it is made of wire makes it versatile against various forces, and it may be the best option, since it is galvanized and woven strongly.


What Is Woven Wire?

There are three major types of wire: (1) the smooth high tensile wire, (2) the barbed wire, and (3) the woven wire.  All of these wires are effective deterrents.  The woven wire, however, comes in eight standard heights that have various combinations of the horizontal wires, gauges, and the stay-wire spaces.  The different heights make it perfect for farms that care for different types of animals.  The gauges and stay-wire spaces, on the other hand, make it perfect in areas where tight control is actually necessary, and it has been proven to be safer and less damaging.


The Advantages Of Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wires have great durability at a much lower cost.  Unlike barbed wire, woven wire does not cause injury to both people and animals, and it can hold up well during heavy snow conditions.  It is also effective in protecting crops from damages brought by animals, and can even protect the property from human predators, as it can be electrified for security purposes.  This woven wire is perfect for protection, and it is less costly than using other materials for fences like boards.  For this, many people prefer woven wire over the other types of fences and wires because of its ability to stand beyond various conditions and forces, which makes it suitable for farms and ranches.


Other Advantages Of Woven Wires

Woven wires have a lot of benefits.  Among this is the fact that they can be attached to other types of wires like the smooth high tensile wire.  Many farm owners put a smooth high tensile wire at the top of the woven wire to make it tougher and more and durable.  Meanwhile, wires can also be added to the top, the bottom, or the middle, which is really flexible, especially in times when there are changes in the types or heights of animals that roam around the area.  The grip knots of the woven wire make the fence really stiff and tight, making way for less labor, less material, and less trouble year round.


Installing A Woven Wire Fencing

Welded Wire FenceWe have tried to install woven wires in our farm.  This is perfect for ranches because of the vertical patterns that prevent horses from stepping through the fence.  With woven wires, the horses would not lean on the wires, especially if it is topped with a rail or a barrier.  The stay-in spaces have to be small to prevent horses from poking a hoof through, and the rough side of the fence should face outside, preventing them from tearing their hides.  Woven wire fencing is tough, durable, and economical, and it serves its purpose well, which is to protect people and animals from damages.